André Robillard


  • Fusil x Chinois Rapide 252 CH.V.R.V., mixed media, 31 x 111,5 cm
  • Fusil x USA Rapide 639 Reston ARH.U, mixed media, 24 x 101 cm
  • Fusil x Russe Rapide RCA.H, mixed media, 24 x 94 cm
  • Fusil x Alleman Rapide S.H.R.A. Valter, mixed media, 39 x 106 cm
  • Fusil x Francais 521 Rapide R.CH.V, mixed media, 27,5 x 91 cm
  • La Planéte Uranus, 1980s, mixed media on paper, 29.5 x 42 cm
  • A Planéte Saturne, 1980s, mixed media on paper, 29.5 x 42 cm
  • Le Soleil, 1980s, mixed media on paper, 29.5 x 42 cm

André Robillard (*1932) was born in Gien, Loiret, and grew up near Orleans, France. Inspired by his father who was a hunter he began in the early 60s to built guns from found materials such as bullet casings, metal cans and miscellaneous plastic items. The artist and art theorist Jean Dubuffet became aware of the objects and took them in his collection, La Collection de l'Art Brut.

Robillard continues to live and work in France. His work has been previously shown at the KW Berlin, the Kunstmuseum Thurgau and the Collection de l'Art Brut and is currently found in several international collections such as that of the Museum of Everything, the Treger-Saint Silvestre Collection and the Collection abcd.