Heinrich Nüsslein

1879 - 1947

  • Eine unirdische Existenz von mir, mixed media on paper, 36 x 29 cm

Heinrich Nüsslein, who credited himself with having become a writing and drawing medium through his initiation into spiritualism in the 1920s, believed that the spirit of great artists manifests itself in their work. His images, like those of other mediums, are drawn in semidarkness. Visionary designs and ephemeral ghost-like forms characterize his work. He swept his pictures with cotton wool or paper then separately applied a coating of paint.

His pictures are remarkable in part because of the fantastic vistas rich with colossal archaic edifices, or images reminiscent of blurred colored photographic portraits. The strong complementary colors underline the unrealistic character of the images and further transpose it into a sphere beyond the natural.