Sava Sekulic

1902 - 1989

  • Das Haus, oil on cardboard, 36 x 41 cm
  • untitled, mixed media on cardboard, 27 x 40,5 cm
  • untitled, mixed media on cardboard, 22 x 31 cm
  • untitled, ca. 1960, pencil on paper, 33,5 x 23,6 cm
  • untitled, pencil on paper, 20,6 x 23 cm

Born in 1902 in Croatia. Sava Sekulic lost his family when he was very young. As a military conscript during WWI, he was wounded during the war. From 1918 he roamed Yugoslavia seeking work as a casual worker. In 1924, Sekulic wrote his first poems at the age of 22, and he started painting in 1932.

His images, imbued with folklore, are recognizable by their distinctively harmonious rendition. The forms oscillate, and the creatures, half-animal, half-human, interfuse. Besides the clear colors, filling out the two-dimensional space of the picture, mystical motifs and mythological forms emerge in a partially naive figurative representation.